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Custom T-Shirts Make Your Book Club More Fun

A book club is a great way to bring members of your community together over a mutual love of reading. If you want your membership to soar and make each person feel like they truly belong, custom t-shirts are the way to go. Discover ways t-shirts can make your book club that much more engaging for everyone.

Create a sense of belonging.

People are more likely to dedicate themselves to showing up to your book club every week if they feel like they belong. Custom t-shirts help you do this. Create a name for your book club, such as "Classy Readers," "Bookworm Beauties," or any other title you wish, and have it printed on simple t-shirts in all sizes so members can showcase their favorite hobby and club with pride.

Track completed reads.

As your book club members complete a book, save the titles for printing on a t-shirt at the end of the year. Surprise each member of your book club with their own custom t-shirt brandishing a list of all the novels you've read as a group the entire year. Next year, start a new t-shirt and do the same. This type of endeavor creates a lasting memory that your book club members can cherish for life.

Get to know each other

If you want to encourage new people to join your book club, custom t-shirts are beneficial here as well. Once a new member has shown up to a few readings in a row, offer them their own t-shirt with their name on it. When people have a custom t-shirt with their name placed on it, it not only gives them a sense of belonging, but helps them remember the names of other people who are part of their book club group as well.

Advertise your book club

Every time someone in your book club wears their custom t-shirt out in public, they are advertising your community effort and inviting new people to join. Encourage your book club attendees to wear their t-shirts while running errands or hanging out with their friends. You just may find yourself with new reading friends you wouldn't have attracted otherwise.

A book club is a fabulous way to bring your community together. Using custom t-shirts can help make people feel like they belong and advertise your club in whole new ways. A professional custom t-shirt printing company, like The Edge Screen Studio, can help you choose the best logo and design to fit your club best.