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The Future Is Now: 4 Ways 3D Printing Benefits The World

If you've been hearing about the new 3D printers and wondered how a printer could possibly do more than print paper copies, it's important to note that the 3D printer isn't actually a printer; at least not the type that most people are familiar with. 3D printers don't use paper; they use specific additives to create models of the actual object, one layer at a time. The process is slow and precise, but when it's completed, you have an object that can be used in real-life applications. Here are just four of the real-life applications that 3D printing can be used for.

Archaeological Applications

Have you ever looked at the picture of an historical figure and wondered what they looked like in real life? Or perhaps you've seen a skeleton in a museum and wondered what they might have looked like when they were alive? 3D printers can answer those questions for you. Through the process of 3D printing, skeletal remains can be reproduced so that archaeologists can get a clearer picture of what the person looked like.

Sex Toy Industry

The sex toy industry is big business. In fact, the sex toy industry generates over $15 billion dollars worldwide every year. You might be wondering what 3D printing has to do with the sex toy industry. The answer is simple: custom sex toys. Instead of the generic sex toys, 3D printers now allow consumers to order toys in the complete likeness of their favorite celebrity.

Automotive Manufacturing

Did you know that 3D printing can also assist with automotive manufacturing? It can. Industrial 3D printing has been successful in creating an entire car. The URBEE is being designed using 3D printing for both the interior and exterior portions of the car. Once completed, it will be the first 3D-printed car on the road.

Human Replacement Parts

When it comes to advances created since the advent of 3D printing, perhaps none are as significant as within the medical field. 3D printing now allows for individual body parts to be created using the scientific process. The medical application has helped children receive replaced bronchial tubes so that they could breathe without respirators. The technology has also allowed patients to receive replacements for their jaws and hips using bones created through 3D printing.

3D printing can benefit you in ways you'd never imagine. From medical advances to automotive manufacturing, 3D printing can benefit you.