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How To Make Gifts Extra Special

Have you noticed that the way a gift is presented adds to the pleasure of receiving a gift? For example, if somebody gives you a wooden spoon to add to your collection, that's a nice gesture, but it lacks pizzaz. However, if a pretty ribbon is tied around the spoon and a label with your name on it and words like I hope you'll enjoy stirring things up! written on it, that gift all of a sudden becomes more special. From selecting gift wrap to selecting labels, here are some ideas that might help you to make our gifts extra special.

Establish A Collection - Having the essentials makes a difference.

  • Buy gift bags in lots of different sizes. Think about selecting them in a neutral color that will be appropriate for everybody that will receive a gift from you. For example, choosing brown means that the gift will be great for men's gifts, just because the bag is brown. However, when you tie colorful ribbons and add colored tissue paper to the brown gift bag, it becomes a beautiful gift for a female. Red, blue, white and green are also good colors for both males and females. 
  • Think of unique ways you can present your gift. For example, a gift coupon inside of a balloon will definitely make an impression.
  • Have gift labels designed especially for you. For example, self-adhesive labels with things like snowmen, Santas, or reindeer would be perfect gift labels for Christmastime.

The Gift Delivery - Just as the way a gift is wrapped is important, the way it is presented is important, too.

  • Again, having address labels designed especially for you would be a great way to make out-of-town delivery extra nice. Mailing labels that include the first initial of your last name along with your return address would be perfect. Besides looking attractive, it's nice to have them on hand for any time you need to mail a package or even a large envelope mailer.
  • Think of giving address labels to people on your Christmas list, too. They would be great stocking stuffers or they would be a good gift by themselves. Consider giving address labels along with a book of stamps to people on your list who are hard to shop for.
  • You can usually order specialty labels from your local printer. And, if you are stumped as to what you want for the label layout design, the clerk at the printing company will be happy to help you.

Think of having a special notebook where you record gifts you give to your friends and family members. When you do that, you'll remember not to repeat the same gift for the next special occasion. For example, if you gave your friend a scarf for Christmas last year, you may want to change things around this year.