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Need To Cut On Shipping And Handling Costs? Money Shaving Tips For Sellers And Warehouse Managers

If you are looking to improve shipping efficiency and costs, and you run a warehouse or small business and ship a lot of items, there are different things that you can do to make sure that this happens. You want to always be prepared to ship, with all of the supplies that you need ready to go in the shop. You also want to have all of your mailing supplies needed as well. Here are some of the things that you should consider so you start saving money and time.

Corrugated Boxes in Bulk

Order a variety of boxes in bulk to cut down on costs. You have them when you need them in stock, and buying in large quantities often allows you to get a good deal. Corrugated boxes also help out in the following ways:

  • Designed to protect against force and damage
  • Engineered to keep products dry
  • Easy to assemble and close

Always having these boxes, and any additional packaging supplies you need on hand prevents unnecessary trips throughout the work day to supply stores.

Integrated Printing Labels

Integrated printing labels are adhesive labels that you can print and peel to put on any of the packages you have to ship. Then, the rest of the print out will have the shipment details printed on it for the customer.

 This means you are only using one sheet of paper, instead of two or more, to print out labels and put invoices or product details inside the box. You can also print a return label on these documents, in case the buyer has to ship the label back.

Pre-Paid Postage

You can purchase pre-paid postage packages from the carrier that you choose to use for your deliveries. This means that you save every time you drop a shipment in the mail, which will add up to big savings quickly. You can also schedule package pickup so the company comes to you to get the packages each day or, or as often as you schedule it.

If you are now shipping a ton of items and you aren't sure how you can start saving some of the shipping and handling costs that are associated with the business, these are three ways to start. Once you start saving money on your packaging, postage and the supplies, you can increase profits and start earning more revenue for your business and bank account.