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Are You Setting Up An At-Home Office?

Are you a stay-at-home mom who wants to make extra money at home? Maybe you're an established businessman who has decided that your work can be accomplished right from your home. Perhaps you don't want to run a business from home, but you have decided that you need an office at your home, a place where you can work on your computer, do things like pay bills and store important papers and legal documents. 

For whatever reason you are setting up an office in your own home, from selecting your office furniture to buying a printer, here are some ideas that might help you to establish a setting that will be both attractive and practical. 

The Furniture  - If you are a businessman or a businesswoman who is working from your home, consider how your office will be used. For example, will customers or business associates be coming for meetings? If so, besides the traditional computer desk and chair, you might also need a place where you can have casual meetings; perhaps a small sofa and a couple of occasional chairs. Do you have reference books? If so, when you shop for furniture, consider selecting a floor-to-ceiling shelf where you can place the reference books. Think about selecting a shelf that has drawers as part of the design so that you can use them to store files which hold important papers and documents.

The Equipment - Of course, you more than likely already own a computer. However, you might have realized that it is also time for you to purchase a printer. If so, consider going to an office furniture and supply store so that you can talk to an associate that can recommend the right type of printer for your needs. 

State-of-the-art computers today will even do two-sided copies for you. And, you'll probably want a printer that does color copies, even though you may not use that feature each time you copy something. When you select the printer that is best for your at-home office, find out what kind of ink you need. Consider buying backup ink and printer paper so that you won't ever run out of either one. 

Don't forget little things. For example, you might want to make a list of office supplies that you want to have on hand. Paper cutters, a stapler and staples, a ruler, a pencil sharpener, a hole puncher, and lots of pens are just some of the things that you might write on your shopping list.