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4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Copier Machine

Today, most companies rely heavily on digital files. Most important data is stored on computers. Even though this is true, hard copies and paper files are still a necessity. If you already have a printer at your office, you may think a copier machine is superfluous. However, a copier machine can actually help save you money and make your business more efficient. Here are four reasons your business needs one of these machines.

1. Replicate hard copies in less time.

One of the advantages of a copier machine is the ability to scan and copy a paper document in seconds. Without a dedicated copier, you would have to scan the document using a scanner, then edit and save it on your computer before sending the job to your printer. A copier machine cuts out these extra time-consuming steps so you can get the copies you need faster.

2. Save money on ink cartridges.

Copier machines excel at creating clear black and white copies of documents. Since it's a machine used solely for this purpose, it uses an ink cartridge full of black ink, unlike inkjet printers which often mix black ink from the colors cyan, magenta, and yellow. Ink cartridges are typically the most expensive part of any printing machine. By using a copier machine to copy your black and white documents, you can avoid wasting your costly inkjet ink.

3. Print large numbers of copies quickly.

Printers have gotten faster since laser printers were introduced. However, nothing can beat the speed of a copier machine when it comes to printing in bulk. If you routinely need to produce many copies of documents, a copier machine can complete the task quickly. You pay your employees by the hour, so the less time they spend waiting by the printer, the more money you save.

4. Avoid wear and tear on your printer.

Printers are only built to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear. The number of pages a printer is able to handle in a single month is called its duty cycle, according to LD Products. Home printers have small duty cycles, which means they can't stand up to the rigors of producing printed pages for a large office. Even commercial printers tend to have duty cycles that fall short when compared to copier machines. Using a printer to create large numbers of copies will cause its parts to wear out more quickly. Printer parts and labor can be quite expensive, so buying a dedicated copier machine will allow you to avoid these unnecessary costs.

For more information, reach out to suppliers offering copier machines for sale.