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6 Important Things to Understand About Digital Printing Presses

Digital printing presses are a little different than "regular" or offset printing. If you are thinking about getting a digital printing press or having items printing out on one, it is important to understand the digital printing process.

Thing #1: Digital Printing Is About Linking to Your Computer

Digital printing involves linking your printer and your computer together. More specifically, it refers to the process of sending information from your computer to the printer. The information is sent in a different manner, and the printers usually use either power toner or liquid electrostatic ink with digital printing.

Thing #2: Need to Use Special Paper

Next, with digital printing, you are going to want to use digitally certified paper. This is a special type of paper that is designed to handle the application method used with digital printing. Make sure you are purchasing the right type of paper for your printing press.

Thing #3: Fast Printing

A digital printing press doesn't have a lot of different parts. The quick application of the ink to the paper allows for a fast printing process. As the inks don't need to be mixed at all, the final product can be quickly delivered to you.

Thing #4: Great for Short Runs

Digital printing is great for short runs. When you need under a thousand items printing, a digital press is a great choice. They excel with small to medium-sized runs of items.

Thing #5: Fun Special Effects

Next, with digital printing, you can enjoy some fun special effects. You can use special inks. For example, you can use white ink or a red invisible ink that looks fluorescent under ultraviolet light. You can use raised inks to get an embossed effect.

You can use ink that will give your print a glass effect. There are a lot of fun different effects you can get with different inks when using a digital printer. So, if you want to create something that is unique, digital printing may be your solution.

Thing #6: Cost-Effective

Finally, digital printing is really cost-effective. You don't have to use plates for digital prints, and you don't have to have a minimum quantity to get a good print. Digital printing doesn't require the same set-up as off-set printing, making it very cost-effective.

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