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Find A Commercial Printer That Will Print These Things For Your Restaurant

If you're establishing a restaurant that will soon be open for business, a number of printing jobs will likely be on your to-do list. Instead of attempting to print certain things on your own, look for a commercial printing service in your community that can demonstrate experience working with other restaurants. Think about all of the things that you need to be printed, and then meet with the service to discuss some ideas. Whether you have your own graphic artist or you wish to use one of the printing service's graphic artists, you can ensure that your printing is complete in a timely manner. Here are some things that you'll likely need to have printed.


You'll likely need a large number of menus available for when your restaurant opens for diners. If you're opening a higher-end establishment, stylish menus printed on cardstock may be something that you want. If you plan to slip these menus into leather or faux-leather folders, which is often the case at high-end eateries, you'll want to carefully measure the folders to ensure that your menus are printed to the size. More casual eateries need menus, too. If you're opening a pizza restaurant or another type of restaurant that will do a lot of take-out business, having foldable take-out menus that your customers can pick up will be important.


There are several ways that you can spread the word about your restaurant opening, but a common method is to distribute flyers in the mail in your local area. This is another product that you'll want professionally designed and printed, as a stylish appearance will make residents more apt to read it. A colorful flyer that provides the essential details about your establishment, including when it opens and what type of food it serves, should compel some people to visit. You may even want your flyers to include one or more coupons that patrons can cut out and redeem during their visits.

Fridge Magnets

Your local printing service likely has the ability to produce fridge magnets, which are available in several shapes and sizes and generally consist of a glossy printed piece with a magnet attached to the rear. You can distribute these magnets in the mail or leave them on your counter for patrons to pick up and take home. While you have the choice of how the design will look, simplicity — for example, your name, phone number, and website — is often sufficient, along with some catchy graphics. Ideally, people who use these magnets on their refrigerators will frequently think of your establishment and visit often.