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Repairing Your Commercial Printer

A commercial printer can be an important piece of equipment for your company, but you may not understand the types of problems that your printer could experience. As a result, these problems could be more disruptive for your enterprise due to a lack of knowledge and experience with correcting them.

Dirty Print Heads

One of the most common issues that your printer could experience will be issues with the print heads. These are the components that are responsible for transferring the ink from the toner cartridge to the paper. If dirt is able to get on these components or if some of the toner dries on it, there is a chance that it may be able to prevent the flow of toner to the page. Thoroughly cleaning the print heads will often be sufficient for removing these substances so that the flow of ink can be restored.

Motor Failure

The printer system will likely rely on a motor to move the print head across the sheet of paper. If there are problems with this motor, the system will be unable to be able to effectively apply the ink to the paper. Unfortunately, motor problems with a printer system can be one of the more complex repairs that will be needed. However, there are printer repair services that will be able to replace the faulty motors so that the performance of the printer can be fully restored. You can help to reduce the risk of this occurring in the future by properly storing your paper in an area where it can be protected against dust accumulations. This will greatly reduce the amount of dust that gets transferred to the print head with each sheet of paper that passes through it.

Power Cord Damage

Your printer system will have relatively high energy demands. Not surprisingly, any problems with the power cord could result in immediate performance problems for the system. Depending on the type of problem, this could also pose a safety risk for the rest of the building as this damaged cord may be able to start a fire. Replacing the damaged electrical cord will require a professional to avoid causing damage to the system or even injuring yourself. While replacing this cord can be fairly expensive due to the amount of electrical work that may be required, it will still generally be less costly than buying a new printer. Being thoughtful as to where the power cord for the primer is located can reduce these damages in the future as you can place the cord so that it will be out of the way of foot traffic or other furniture that could cut through its casing.