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4 Hacks To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Toner Cartridge

Replacement toner cartridge presents substantial costs to your business, especially if you often print many documents. One way to reduce the overall printing costs is to stretch the life of your toner cartridge. Here are a few hacks to increase your toner cartridge's life and reduce costs.

1. Adjust Your Printer Settings

To reduce the frequent need for a replacement toner cartridge, switch some of your pre-programmed settings. You will still get clear documents with a lesser amount of ink. Some re-adjustable settings are discussed below.

  • Use grayscale printing. Change your preference to grayscale or 'black and white' unless the color is needed.

  • Adjust the quality level. Almost all printers have different print speeds and quality levels ranging from fine to normal. Some printers offer fast normal or draft mode, which reduces dots per inch to save ink and increase the life of your toner cartridge. Change the settings back to pre-programmed mode if you want to print a photograph or presentation.

2. Don't Refill As Soon as You Get the Low-Ink Notification

You always have more ink left when your printer first detects that you are about to run low. You should have a replacement toner cartridge handy, but don't refill it so soon. Instead, replace when the quality of prints diminishes and you notice smears, fades, or streaks on texts and images.

Besides, all printer cartridges contain toner in powder form. The powder can clump over time and become unevenly distributed. When you see streaks and uneven pages, remove your toner cartridge and cover with a paper towel, then shake. When you shake, you redistribute the powder and use the ink for a longer time.

3. Avoid Nozzle Clogs

Clogged toner cartridge nozzles result in broken lines, faint images, and more ink consumption. When you keep your printer nozzle free of debris, you extend the life of your toner cartridge. If your printer has an automatic cleanup, run the option regularly to keep your nozzles unclogged. If not, remove and soak your cartridges in warm water for a few minutes, then dry with a paper towel.

4. Undertake Proper Storage

Your toner cartridges will dry out if you use your printers less often. Remove the rarely-used toners, wrap them in a damp cloth, and store them in a sealable container to keep the ink usable. After that, store the container in a cool place, e.g., a supply closet or file cabinet. For new ones, don't open the package until you are ready to use the cartridge.


The above hacks extend your toner cartridge's lifespan and reduce the need for replacement printer toner cartridges. As a result, you save a substantial amount of money you need to print documents in the long run. To save even more, only buy ink and cartridges from reputable distributors.

If you need a replacement toner cartridge, talk to a supplier in your area.