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Ideas for Ordering Branded Notepads for Your Business

Whether you're setting up a new business or doing some rebranding of your existing business, one of the things that you'll need to think about is commercial printing. There are all sorts of different printing projects that a local company can handle for you. While you might immediately think of letterhead and business cards, it's important to know that commercial printing can include many more printed things. Custom branded notepads are a product to consider, offering a handy and professional-looking place to take notes. Here are some ideas for ordering branded notepads from a commercial printing company.


Printing companies will often give you the ability to choose what shape you want your notepads to be. There's nothing wrong with a traditional rectangular or square shape, but you may find that a different shape can lend itself well to the nature of your business. For example, if you run a dental clinic, you might be able to have notepads in the shape of a large, cartoon tooth. Or, if you're a home inspector, consider inquiring about getting your notepads shaped like a basic house — a square with a triangle on top. A unique shape will give your notepads a stylish look.

Branding Details

You'll generally want to include a few branding details on the pages of your custom notepads. For example, you'll likely want the name of your company, your website address, your phone number, your physical address, and one or more email addresses. This information will not only help to make each page look professional, but will also be helpful if you make a note and give it to a customer or client. In this scenario, this person would have your contact information readily available for when they need to follow up with you.

Background Image

You also have the option of having a background image or watermark appear in the center of each notepad page. You'll generally want the image to appear fairly faint so that it doesn't impede your ability to read your notes. There are lots of options to consider for this image. An obvious choice would be to have your company's logo. If you have a certain stylized slogan that you use in your marketing, having it appear may also be an idea that appeals to you. A stock image of something related to your business can also work well. Learn more about your custom notepad options by contacting a commercial printing company.