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3 Drum Head Painting Design Ideas To Consider

Are you interested in having your drum head painted to create a unique look that can be enjoyed by you and those who watch you play? There are lots of awesome designs to consider, and the fun part is deciding on just one. Here are a few great options to add to your list of possibilities:

Create Some Brand Recognition

If you are in a band, you can turn your drum head into a "billboard" and promote your band no matter where you play your drum set. Have your band's name designed in a way that matches your music style and get it painted on your drum head. If you have an album out, you could have a replica of the album cover painted on instead.

Alternatively, you can just have the color scheme of your band's brand painted on the drum set so that everyone who goes to your shows recognizes them by sight. Even if you don't play in a band, you can incorporate a paint design that helps to promote your own personal skills. Consider having a caricature of yourself or a depiction of your favorite place to play painted on your drum head.

Inspire Creativity and Fun

Creativity is a necessity when it comes to playing any musical instrument, and drums are no exception. A great way to inspire creativity (and fun) when playing your drums is to have a colorful mural painted on your drum head. Whether it's a vibrant rainbow above a celebratory parade or an abstract image full of contrasting colors, your mural is sure to put a little extra pep in your step when you're trying to execute your favorite beats.

You can choose a creative design that's already been developed from an online source and have your painter mimic the design, create a unique design yourself, or ask a designer to create a mural for you based on your personal likes and lifestyle preferences. Your drum painter may even be able to create a custom design for you.

Keep things Calm and Centered

Painting your drum head offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate a sense of calmness and balance into your drum playing. Have your drum head painted to look like the ocean or a depiction of the moon and stars featured on it. Whatever makes you feel calm and centered can be painted on. Every time you see your painted drum head, it should put you right mind space to optimize your performance and keep you in a positive, balanced frame of mind.  

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